Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review

Since the late 1970’s Amsterdam has become the spiritual home of marijuana and all that goes with it. Ever since the first legal coffeeshop opened its doors some 40 years ago, marijuana tourists have flocked to this beautiful city to experience the high grade, potent weed chalked up on the coffeeshops menus.

Whether it’s brownies, blunts or bongs that float your boat you won’t be disappointed! With over 250 Amsterdam coffee shops to visit in the city alone, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of tokers find themselves never wanting to leave. Admittedly some never do, which is why you see the occasional dreadlocked drifter or vagabond roaming the alleyways and cobbled streets. Strains range from the classics like White Widow and Hollands Hope to more obscure and specialist varieties like Chocolope or Chiesel Diesel.

Here at Amsterdam coffeeshop review we’re avid marijuana advocates; we basically love to toke! Over the years we’ve visited the vast majority of Amsterdam coffee shops, some of which are good and some of which are not so. We wanted to share our experience with you so we decided to rate and review the finest Amsterdam coffee shops to help you navigate your way round the ‘green mile’. We give you a run down on the coffeeshop menus and prices, the general atmosphere inside, even going as far as to rate how comfortable the furniture is (trust us, when you’re holed up in there for 4 hours it makes a difference).

Roll up a fat one and have a browse through our superior list of Amsterdam coffee shops reviews; you’ll be on the first train, plane or automobile to the Dam. Happy toking!

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